September 08 (Wednesday) 09:00–18:00 Nur-Sultan time (GMT+6)

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Chairmen: V.V. Baklanov (Kazakhstan), M.K. Skakov (Kazakhstan)

    V.V. Baklanov (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Experimental studies of the IAE NNC RK on atomic energy safety issues

    V.V. Baklanov (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • 20-years experience in performing in-pile research to justify the JSFR Project

    A.V. Pakhnits (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Development of technological methods for hard surfacing of steel castings made of 20GL steel for railway transport

    R.Ye. Kondakirov (Kazakhstan, Amanzholov EKU)

  • JAEA R&D in Fukushima

    Dr. Fukahori Tokio (Japan, JAEA)

  • Potential and prospects of radiation heating research of structural materials of nuclear technology at the IGR reactor

    N.A. Suleimenov (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Method for calculating the reactivity margin required to implement a start-up of the Impulse Graphite Reactor in “Impulse” mode

    V.K. Tskhe (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Features of formation of a structure, phase composition and titanium aluminide properties induced by mechanical activation of powder mixture with subsequent spark plasma sintering

    Ye. A. Kozhakhmetov (Kazakhstan, IAE)


  • Post-radiation annealing effect on change in the mechanical properties of irradiated ferritic-martensitic steel EP-450

    Ye.B. Aryngazy (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Distribution of PWR and BWR NPP according to categories with the best, sustainable and worst practice of SRW generation

    D. Desyatov (Russia, UFU)

  • Thermal expansion simulation of a graphite block

    A.S. Surayev (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Mathematical and computer modeling of fuel element burnout of the NNC RK reactors

    O.M. Zhanbolatov (Kazakhstan, IAE)


Chairmen: Ye.Ye. Sapatayev (Kazakhstan), Hidekazu Usui (Japan)
  • Effect of temperature, static load and nanoscale defects on the mechanical properties of polymer materials

    M.N. Niyazov (Kazakhstan, ABAIKAZNPU)

  • Study of the neutronic characteristics of a large uranium target irradiated with a beam of high-energy protons

    A. Kiyevitskaya (Belarus)

  • Hardware and software systems for collecting and analyzing experimental data, as well as controlling the periphery using the 2nd Generation of CAEN SpA Digitizers instruments

    I.S. Bredikhin (Russia, GAMMATEK. LLP)

  • Development of gas-thermal equipment for applying polymer coatings on parts of machinery and equipment

    I.A. Ocheredko (Kazakhstan, Amanzholov EKU)

  • Sintering temperature effect in preparation of silicon carbide ceramics on the structure formation

    N.M. Mukhamedova (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Space nuclear propulsion and power plants

    V.A. Pavshuk (Russia, NRC KI)


Chairmen: L.A. Yerygina (Kazakhstan), N.Ye. Mukhamedov (Kazakhstan)
  • The Jules Horowitz Material Test Reactor - a future modern research platform in support to nuclear industry

    Blanc Jean-Yves (France, CEA)

  • Decommissioning of PUGR complexes

    А. Izmestyev (Russia,“PDC UGR” JSC)

  • Experiments at the INP accelerators

    T. Zholdybayev (Kazakhstan, INP)

  • Regulatory basis for implementing the clearance concept in the radioactive waste management practice of the Republic of Belarus

    L.F. Rozdyalovskaya (Belarus)

  • Products of the interaction between molten corium and metal during the Chernobyl accident: phase and chemical composition, kinetics of radionuclide leaching

    А.А. Shiryayev (Russia, IPCE RAS))

  • Problem of spent fuel management of research reactors and nuclear energy facilities at its preparation for reprocessing removal

    A.V. Chesnokov (Russia, NRC KI)

  • Experience in fabrication of the IVG.1M research reactor WCTC-LEU fuel elements

    Mokrushin A.A., Solntsev V.A. (Russia, LUCH)

  • Short solution for SNF and RW management – short and long term perspectives

    Jean-Michel Boniface (France)