September 08 (Wednesday) 09:00–18:00 Nur-Sultan time (GMT+6)

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Chairmen: Ye.T. Koyanbayev (Kazakhstan), I.L. Tazhibayeva (Kazakhstan)

    Ye.T. Koyanbayev (Kazakhstan)

  • Review of research activities of the RSE NNC RK in the field of thermonuclear fusion

    Ye.T. Koyanbayev (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Study of the hydrogen isotope release from Ni, Pd, Ti, Zr during thermal, Joule and radiation heating of metals

    Yu. I. Tyurin (Russia, TPU)

  • Reactor experiments to study tritium and helium release from lithium ceramics Li2TiO3 (96% enrichment with Li6 isotope)

    Т.V. Kulsartov (Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi KazNU)

  • Radiation-induced light absorption in optical fibers under reactor irradiation in vacuum

    V.S. Gnyrya (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Study of the heat load effect on the carbide layer of divertor cladding

    T.R. Tulenbergenov (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Temperature effect on carbidized layer formation on tungsten surface in a beam-plasma discharge

    G.K. Zhanbolatova (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • The status of work on the experiment automation at the KTM tokamak

    K.I. Baistrukov (Russia, TomIUS-PROJECT, LLP)


Chairmen: A.G. Korovikov (Kazakhstan), K.I. Baistrukov (Russia)
  • Determination of the parameters of interaction between tritium and lithium ceramics under reactor irradiation

    Zh.A. Zaurbekova (Kazakhstan, KazNU)

  • Reactor experiments to study the generation and release of tritium from the Li15,7Pb eutectic

    Yu.V. Ponkratov (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Results of experiments on obtaining a plasma discharge at the KTM tokamak

    B.Zh. Chektybayev (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Investigation of a possibility of working gas preionization during initial phase of a plasma discharge using plasma jet injection at the KTM tokamak

    Ye.A. Sarsembayev (Kazakhstan, IAE)


Chairmen: B.Zh. Chektybayev (Kazakhstan), L.B. Begrambekov (Russia)
  • Results and prospects of joint works at the KTM tokamak

    N.A. Urensky (Russia, “Krasnaya Zvezda” JSC)

  • Lithium technologies in thermonuclear fusion facilities

    M.Yu. Zharkov (Russia, “Krasnaya Zvezda” JSC)

  • Status of work on the ITER Project at NIIEFA JSC

    I.Yu. Rodin (Russia, “NIIEFA” JSC)

  • Qualification tests of a full-scale prototype of a device for operational switching of currents of the ITER magnetic system

    M.V. Manzuk (Russia, “NIIEFA” JSC)

  • Features of sputtering, capture and retention of hydrogen and modification of the isotropic graphite structure under ion-plasma irradiation

    L.B. Begrambekov (Russia, NRNU MEPHI)

  • Materials science probe for studying plasma-surface processes in a thermonuclear facility

    L.B. Begrambekov (Russia, NRNU MEPHI)


Chairmen: Ye.T. Koyanbayev (Kazakhstan), I.L. Tazhibayeva (Kazakhstan)
  • Tokamak T-15MD status and research program

    P.P. Khvostenko (Russia, NRC KI)

  • Implementation of a control system for vertical position of plasma in the KTM tokamak

    S.V. Kotov (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Assessment of radiation damage to beryllium under low-temperature neutron irradiation

    N.A. Orazgaliyev (Kazakhstan, IAE)

  • Nuclear Reactor Simulator

    G.N. Shynykulova (Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi KazNU)

  • About velocity limitation of plasma motion in electrodynamic accelerator

    Goryainov V.Yu (Russia, Ioffe Institute)


    Ye.T. Koyanbayev (Kazakhstan)