September 09 (Thursday) 09:00–18:00 Nur-Sultan time (GMT+6)

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Chairmen: М.А. Umarov (Kazakhstan), V.P. Solodukhin (Kazakhstan)
  • Experimental reserch into parameters of radionuclides transfer to farm products at STS

    A.V. Panitskiy (Kazakhstan, IRSE)

  • Morphoanatomical characteristics of internal organs of experimental animals at low doses of ionizing radiation

    Zh. Zh. Abishev (Kazakhstan, Non-commercial JSC “Medical University Semey”)

  • Plutonium isotopes in northern Xinjiang, China: level, distribution, sources and their contributions

    Xue Zhao (China, Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

  • Biological effects at low doses of ionizing radiation in the experiment

    G.К. Amantayeva (Non-commercial JSC "Medical University Semey", Semey, Kazakhstan

  • On possibilities of hydrobiological testing of water bodies affected by radiation

    N.I. Yermolayeva (Russia, Institute of Water and Ecological Problems of the SB RAS)

  • Development prospects in biological cytogenetic dosimetry in Kazakhstan for radiological emergency preparedness and response

    L.B. Kenzhina (Kazakhstan, IRSE)

  • Technologies to obtain radioisotopes and radioisotope-based radiopharmaceuti¬cals in TPU

    Ye.А. Nesterov (Russia, Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University”)

  • Radiobiological effects in plants growing at ‘4a’ site of STS

    K.S. Minkenova (Kazakhstan, IRSE)


  • Assessment of radiosensitivity of hematopoietic human stem cells in xenotransplantation model for immunodeficient mice

    N.I. Atamanyuk (Russia, FSBIS “Ural Scientific and Practical Center for Radiation Medicine FMBA of Russia”)

  • From nuclear legacy to nuclear resource

    I.А. Kupriyanova (Russia, Scientific-production association “Taifun”)

  • Tritium in environmental objects on the premises of the institute of nuclear physics

    М.V. Krasnopyorova (Kazakhstan, RSE Institute of Nuclear Physics ME RK)

  • Chernobyl NPP accident: protective and rehabilitation measures

    S.V. Fesenko (Russia, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Radiology and Agroecology))


Chairmen: А.V. Panitsky (Kazakhstan), А.B. Bigaliyev (Kazakhstan)
  • Application of inorganic mass spectrometry for rapid 90Sr determination in case of nuclear accident

    Norbert Kavasi (Slovenia, Jožef Stefan Institute)

  • Non-destructive measurement methods for solving scientific and applied problems of radioecology

    Ivanov O.P. (Russia, National research center “Kurchatov Institutte”)

  • Landscape monitoring and simulation techniques in solving scientific and applied problens in radioecology

    V.G. Linnik (Russia, FSBIS V.I. Vernadsky GEOKhI RAS

  • Trace analysis of radionuclides by laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry

    Izosimov I.N. (Russia, JINR)

  • Assessment of radiation safety for carrot and beet cultivated in the black-earth zone of Russia in the halo of the eastern Chernobyl plume

    Т.А. Paramonova (Russia, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)

  • Approach to the analysis of aerosol samples collected from the nucelar test site

    А.S. Babenko (Russia, Non-profit partnership “Trace Analysis Laboratory”)


  • Speciation of artificial radionuclides in soils of Semipalatinsk test site

    А.Ye. Kunduzbayeva (Kazakhstan, IRSE)

  • Application of new sorbents for purification of various media from heavy metals and radioactive elements

    U.Zh. Dzhusipbekov (Kazakhstan, JSC “А.B. Bekturov Institute of Chemical Sciences”)

  • Compound forms of 137Cs in soils of forest ecosystems in contaminated areas of Bryansk forest area long after Chernobyl fallout

    О.B. Tsvetnova (Russia, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)

  • Development of a technique to determine strontium-90 in natural waters

    А.V. Voronina (Russia, Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin Ural Federal University”)

  • Assessment of ecological state of the Irtysh river

    А.К. Aidarkhanova (Kazakhstan, IRSE)

  • Interactive atlas of Semipalatinsk test site

    А.Ye. Kairzhanov (Kazakhstan, RSE NNC RK)